Naveen (ukuleleprince) wrote,

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I tell you my friends, all of this 'Halloween' talk makes me miss Brazil. There is not so much celebrating Halloween there -- Some do, and there is Saci Day now, but when I was growing up, my family did not celebrate any holiday at the end of October.

This does not mean I do not know about all sorts of creepy things, though, and this is why I miss Brazil! True terror is nothing but knowing that at any moment you may have a meeting with Corpo-Seco.

Corpo-Seco, he is the Dry Corpse. He was so evil, the land would not take his body, and even the Devil did not want him! So he wanders Brazil until the end of the world...

And then there is Cabeça Satânica! How would you like to have just a head with the most frightening of smiles hopping closer and closer towards you...?
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